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Wild Audience is the team behind Wildmetrics and Wild Mail.

Wild Mail is ActiveCampaign’s biggest reseller in the Spanish and German markets with premium support (in English, Spanish and German languages), free consulting and free access to our analytic app.

Wildmetrics is a new analytic app for creators. Wildmetrics allows creators to connect their ads, billing, CRM & calls to uncover the full customer journey. It helps creators discover what daily drives their revenue & scale their ROAS.

About us.

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Allowing each other to be who we are. We are tired of being someone society wants us to be. We strive to accept & celebrate each other. I do me. And you do you.

We think that authenticity + transparency is the base for trust.


Working the way that works for you personally is empowering. Owning your schedule, your location & your time gives you the flexibility to design your way of life.


Many of us feel unconnected with nature, with ourselves and the loved ones around us. Learning how to re-connect is how we heal.

It is how we feel alive.


Less is more.
We selectively choose what we do and we do it well. We don’t consume for the sake of it. We bring awareness to what we do.


Showing it like it is. The good, the bad. Choosing transparency as a guiding principle makes living & working with each other so much easier.

Feeling alive

Dancing in the grass barefoot. Laughing with your kids. Surfing. Making an algorithm work. Accomplishing something. Whatever it is. We need more time for this.

Wild Audience's Benefits


When working with us, you get 16 public holidays + 25 paid vacation days + company holidays (Dec 24-Jan 1)

Remote First

100% remote-first company. The team is based somewhere in Europe (growth, success and operational teams) and South America (engineering team). You can live and work anywhere in any European country.

Flexible work

If you want to spend more time with your family or if there are waves/wind and you want to go surf, take off and enjoy the day (or any other sport you enjoy). You can always finish your work after ;-)


You get insights into everything Wild Audience does and the company's situation.

Async communication

We are asynchronous by default. We prioritise written communication and loom video to communicate and have reduced unnecessary meetings. It is more inclusive, provides autonomy, empowerment, and agency to everyone and reduces stress.


Wild Audience pays for your private health insurance.


Office: We don't have an office. Work from home, cafes or coworking spaces.
Bastian Ernst
CEO & Founder
Emilie Chartier
People Ops
Ruben Martinez Garrido
Growth Specialist
Leandro Albin
Full Stack Developer
Francisco Politi
Fullstack Developer
Alban Mansord
Full Stack Developer
Franco Fiorotto
Full Stack Developer
Luis Gustavo
Luis Gu...
Growth Specialist
Ursula Paggetta